CAT'S CLAW --- is traditionally used for dozen of powerful medicinal uses. CAT'S CLAW is considered to be the most important botanical because of its ability to support the immune system. It has an amazing spectrum of Benefical qualities

Cat's Claw has been used for hundreds of years by Native Ashanica for health problems associated with the immune and digestive systems.

Enhancing the immune sysytem, Reducing inflammation, Lowering Blood Pressure, Combatting Viruses

Cat's Claw
Also known as Una de gato may help muscle and joint movement help the body handle inflammation.

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1- 500mg--100 capsule bottle of CAT'S CLAW Immune System Builder
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      • CAT'S CLAW
        Regular Price per Bottle $11.95

        NEW CUSTOMER SPECIAL $6.95 Per 100 Capsule Bottle.

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Arthritis and Sore Joints
Arthritis and Mood

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